cybersecurityThere are a lot of things you need to take care of when you are running a small business. Finding new clients, making sales, and pushing your employees to do better. But securing your business against cybersecurity attacks may take precedence over all these things.

That is because once you fall prey to a cyberattack, it may bring your business down once and for all. A single cyberattack could cripple your business. Studies reveal that 60% of small businesses that were victims of cyberattacks have gone out of business within a span of six months.

One specific type of cyberattack that small businesses have to be aware of is malware. It is an umbrella term that refers to malicious programs or codes that are harmful to the systems of a company.

Malware invades, disables, or damages computers, tablets, mobile devices, and networks by taking partial control of their operations. It interferes with normal functioning just like flu.

Cybersecurity: Malware Affects Small Businesses

Small businesses are vulnerable to online threats because they commonly do not have the resources to spend for extensive security products or IT services teams that larger firms have. But the truth is that small businesses should protect themselves because if they get hacked, their business could easily go down the drain.

The risks are made more complicated when personal mobile devices are used for business. These devices offer cybercriminals more points of entry into a business. When an employee opens an email using a personal mobile device, he or she is opening a door for a potential breach, risking company information, including employee and customer data.

By securing these endpoints with the right tools, protocols, and policy for protection is crucial. Several small businesses think that they are too small of a company to be targeted by online criminals. But that is not true. Cybercriminals target these firms since small businesses tend to lack layered and sophisticated security practices, making them an easier target.

How To Protect Your Small Business

Use a layered security approach – use complementary products that will not leave any gaps for hackers and cybercriminals to exploit. Be sure to take a holistic assessment of your existing security tools and find out how you can get rid of the openings using a layered security approach.

Patch your system – basic maintenance is crucial. For instance, hackers and cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in your operating system. Hackers monitor websites for CVE or common vulnerabilities and exposures and create software exploits that could make the most out of these vulnerabilities.

Train your employees – be sure to invest in ongoing, regular training for your employees to help them know what the latest security threats are including phishing emails as well as other social engineering methods. Apart from that, be sure to make your first responders or employers who have access to confidential information including proprietary or customer data are well versed when it comes to cybersecurity best practices.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. if you need the help of IT experts in setting up an effective cybersecurity approach to keep your small business safe from various kinds of cybersecurity threats.

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