zero day exploitThe term “Zero-Day” refers to the exploit or vulnerability that are used by cybercriminals to attack systems. These computer security threats are very dangerous since only the attackers know they exist. A Zero day exploit may be unnoticeable for years and are offered in the black market for a large amount.


Such exploits are referred to as zero-day before as well as on the day the vendor knows its existence, with the term “zero” referring to how many days since the vendor identified the vulnerability. “Day Zero” is the day that vendor finds out about the vulnerability and starts working on a solution.

How To Detect A Zero Day Exploit?

zero day exploit Columbia SC may be difficult to detect but there are some strategies that will allow you to do so that you can bolster your information security Columbia SC.

  1. Statistic-based Detection – it uses machine learning to gather data from the detected exploits before and develop a baseline behaviour for a safe system. Although the effectiveness of this strategy is limited and can be subject to negatives/positives, it works best with hybrid solutions.
  2. Signature-based Detection – It uses a malware database as well as a reference when they scan for threats. After analysing the malware through a machine learning and creating signatures for malwares that already exist, you can use these signatures to detect attacks or vulnerabilities that were previously unknown.
  3. Behavior-based Detection – It detects malware through its interaction with the system that’s been targeted. Instead of looking at the code of incoming files, the solution will analyse the interactions with the software that’s already existing so that it can predict whether it is the consequence of a malicious attack.
  4. Hybrid Detection – It combines all three methods to make full use of their strengths while reducing their weaknesses.



What is Zero-Day Exploit Recovery?

It’s nearly impossible to prevent or avoid zero day attacks because they can hide their existence even after the vulnerability has been exploited. But, new techniques and technologies as well as managed IT services Columbia SC can offer some additional protection against such threats. You can use these steps to mitigate the damage when you discover a zero day exploit.

  1. Content Threat Removal – It refers to a detection based defense method that will intercept data that’s on its way to its destination. It will assume that all information is hostile and stops it from being delivered directly, only permitting the business information that the data carries. Safety is ensured as data is built again into its new form. The potentially dangerous elements from its original data are discarded.
  2. Disaster RecoverY Method – if your business has been affected by a zero day exploit, it’s important to have a disaster recovery plan in place so damages can be mitigated. The strategy includes a mix of cloud based and on site storage for backup.
  3. Access Removal – Physically removing all of the access from anyone who may exploit it is a common method of recovery from a zero day attack.



Detecting a Zero-Day exploit is impossible without the right detection tools. SpartanTec, Inc. has the tools needed to determine if your company’s data has been compromised. Contact us today for an in-depth review of your network and for more information about cybersecurity Columbia SC.


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