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zero trustA zero trust network, also known as the zero trust Architecture, is a model that was created by John Kindervag, back in 2010 when he worked as Forrester Research Inc.’s principal analyst.

Now, CISOs, CIOs, as well as other company executives are using zero trust as the technology that support it become mainstream, as the need to protect data and systems grow significantly, and as cyberattacks become more complicated.

Understanding The Basics of Zero Trust

Zero trust is a concept about security that focuses on the idea that companies must not trust anything outside or inside their perimeter automatically. What they should do instead is to verify everything that tries to link to its systems before access is given.

The idea here is to never trust anyone. All access will be cut off until the network verifies their identity. Access to machines, systems, IP addresses, etc. will not be permitted until it is verified that the user is authorized.



Why Use Zero Trust?

Statistics show that even if companies spend more on their cybersecurity efforts, incidents involving data breaches will continue to increase. The methods used today aren’t enough and enterprise leaders need to find something better and more efficient. This is where zero trust comes in. It is the best way to stop breaches.

Improved Security

With the zero trust model, companies have the old age approach wherein everything outside is considered as a threat while those that are within its perimeters are considered safe. Technology and firewall network security say that the old approach is no longer effective.

They said that many network security breaches took place because after hackers gained access into the network, they were allowed to move freely because they were no longer considered a threat.

Companies today need to change their mindset and the help of IT support experts. They don’t have data centers that serve a contained network of systems but rather have usually have a few applications on side and some in the cloud with customers, partners, employees, and other users, who access applications from different devices from various locations and even possibly from across the globe.

How To Get Started With Zero Trust

Different companies that offer IT support and IT services Columbia SC are doing various pieces of zero trust. They often involve permissioning, IAM, and multifactor authentication. They are also adding more microsegmentation in different parts of their environment.

Companies will realize that Zero Trust can’t be accomplished overnight. It’s not easy especially if they have legacy systems that do not transition that well into a zero trust system.

Many firms have started to move to the cloud and these are the best places to move to zero trust. That’s where you can start your zero trust transition. If you are consider to move to Zero trust, you should expect this to be a multiyear and multiphase project. It needs ongoing effort and must be pursued as part of a company’s ongoing strategy to improve its cybersecurity.

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Zero trustSecurity strategies that are perimeter centric and conventional no longer work as evidenced by the high frequency and continued cyberattacks against companies these days. The failure of the resulting architecture is a consequence not just of the old assumption that everything within a network can be trusted, but also the legacy countermeasures’ inability to offer enough control, visibility, as well as protection of the application traffic that is transiting the related network boundaries. The conventional method to the network security is already failing. A lot of companies fell prey to at least one successful cyberattacks. Companies continue to depend on the old methods, and it’s no surprise. The truth is that these approaches to network security aren’t effective anymore and that's why you need zero trust network.

Advantages of Implementing Zero Trust Network

You can enhance the effectiveness in mitigating the data loss through safe visibility as well as safe enablement of the applications, as well as the detection and the prevention of cybersecurity threats.

Your company will be more efficient in meeting compliance standards with privacy and security mandates.

There will be an increase in the ability to enable better IT approaches like virtualizing the infrastructure and user mobility, too.

The main issue with the old security strategy is that the countermeasures depend on the assumption that everything within the network could be trusted.

But such an assumption is no longer safe because modern company conditions as well as computing environments wherein:

Such methods also do not account for:

Why Adopt Zero Trust Practices and Principles

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you’re considering transitioning to a zero trust network.

SpartanTec, Inc.
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 408-7166

Serving: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Florence

zero trustThe conventional network security model depends on the creation of a secure perimeter or boundary. This will prevent unwanted attackers or visitors from coming in but also assumes that the ones that remain in the boundary are the system’s authorized users. They will be allowed to use the network resources which they have access to and do only the actions that were permitted or prescribed by the security policy of the network. If you consider what may be on the line within the corporate network, that’s a lot to just depend on for protection on the trust that was placed on these authorized users. That's why zero trust is essential.

And today’s multiparty corporate network which themselves depend on chains of interconnected wireless networks, servers, as well as other third party connection points, it’s very difficult to make sure that no information or network resources will leak out to any unauthorized entity through these possibly vulnerable points.

Equally, the heightened complexity of the network infrastructures these days permits better opportunities for third party groups to look for ways to get unauthorized access and look for a way to get in.

By defending the fortress and assuming that nothing can get in or out will never be enough



What is a zero trust principle?

The old boundary defense method to network security follows a trust but verify approach towards the authorized users. Different methods might be used for the authentication of the members of a closed system and the offer access control, however, when they have passed these gatekeepers, authorized users are then free to do whatever network privileges and rights that were assigned to them.

In the zero trust principle, a trusted insider does not exist and anyone that wish to get access to the network to go through hoops if they want to get the right to do so. This needs different access controls, validation, and authentication procedures to be set in place at different points within and around the network, protecting applications, accounts, processes, as well as other network components.

What is a zero trust network in practice?

In a zero trust network, data traffic and users are believed to be operating in an unsecured and open setting like a public internet. Attempts to hack, intercept, or eavesdrop can be happening at any point, so all the network traffic will be encrypted to lower these risks.

Users need to log in at each session and the login procedures usually involve a multifactor authentication. The network powers and privileges are then assigned to the authorized users on a restricted basis, restricting them just to those rights and access strictly needed for performing their jobs.

Network segmentation is a usual practice when it comes to zero trust, with the systems subdivided into as many separate and unique parts as required. Any attempt at getting access to a sensitive division of a network from another section will be treated as hostile and unauthorized and screening is set in place to make sure that these attempts need the appropriate validation, so as to succeed.

What are the best practices of a zero trust network?

Although it may appear as though it is a daunting task to change gears into Zero Trust, for a company that has been totally reliant on conventional firewalls and defenses on the perimeter, there are a few suggestions which could make this change a lot easier. These are the following:


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SpartanTec, Inc.
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