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managed IT servicesWe are currently living in a hybrid world. There are customers who spend a lot of cash on advanced internal infrastructures and managed IT services. Network Access Controls, Printer, and File as well as legacy applications still reside in several offices and have much better features and controls compared to their cloud counterparts. Although many legacy applications as well as custom built applications are superseded by several could based micro niche solutions, that does not mean that all are cloud ready.

There are several years of legacy data that stay on equipment that’s way beyond End of Life and either can’t or should not be upgraded. Yes, technological debt is about to be due however, bandwidth still is not sufficient for several systems such as image processing, security cameras, video generation and CAD. A few systems like access and security control, assembly  line operations as well as business decision systems must most likely not even be linked to the cloud at all.

So, what does this mean for your business and modern managed IT service Columbia SC provider today? It implies that you require a partner that could straddle the technology legacy’s history and prepare your enterprise for compliance and security challenges of the future.

Cybercrime: The Greatest Threat To All Companies In The World

Cybercrime has been dubbed as one of the greatest threats to all companies across the world and that’s because of several reasons. Security must always be considered when it comes to making executive decision involving processes and systems. You must never sacrifice security for cost saving and freedom. The appropriate people checking out the right data at the right time is important all the time.

It is no longer effective to just lock everything behind a firewall in your workplace. You have to consider how secure the payload is, especially the ones that attackers are looking to get, and then create walls that will protect them.

Although the concept of prevention is still valid, it must be supported by an incident detection and response. You need to think about a whole suite of security options that will form the basis of a modern security architecture.

Once you have all of these control set in place, the next question is how you will test them. Among the many lessons that the world always teaches tech providers and app developers is the fact that security is and will never be a one time thing. It demands rapid action and constant vigilance. Any change must be documented, end points should be patched and then secured. Networks, firewalls, and servers should be scanned. You also have to address the risk on the risk assessment. Security does not just happen on a certain day. Modern managed IT services Columbia SC provider thinks about reality and security as the foundation of any good strategy.

All companies must consider security. Although there is not simple solution when it comes to cybersecurity, that does not mean that one cannot be built for your business. A provider of managed IT service in Columbia will work with company executives to determine and translate their vision as well as objectives into different actionable steps that could lessen the technology as well as security posture of any organization, save money, and boost productivity.

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Managed IT Services Columbia SCSmall businesses make up a substantial part of the economic landscape, but more than half report feeling less prepared than large ones to counter security threats. This is a wake up call to small businesses that it’s prime time to consider a managed IT security service option.

The security threats that come with technology advances like virtualization and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are far too great to address with a below-par security posture. Stories abound in the small business world of a single phishing link infecting an entire business system, embarrassing the hapless employee and leaving the small business with limited recourse to respond to the threat.

Small Businesses, Big Cybersecurity Challenges

Small businesses tend to have fewer in-house IT resources than larger companies, both human and financial, which limits their ability to support 24/7 threat monitoring. In fact, less than a quarter of SMBs surveyed in a recent report have a person or department dedicated to cybersecurity.

The challenges of managing cybersecurity with limited, skilled headcount are exacerbated by the approach many small businesses take to cybersecurity; which is to invest in cybersecurity on an ad hoc basis as the network grows and new security threats arise.



The result is a hodge podge of cybersecurity tools that don’t easily share threat information and are difficult — if not impossible — to manage in an efficient, unified manner.

Lack of interoperability between products and inefficient management combine with poor overall network visibility to create big gaps in cybersecurity coverage — gaps a managed IT security Columbia SC provider can bridge. There are many ways to benefit from outsourcing cybersecurity to a managed IT services provider, including:

  1. Round-the-clock monitoring and data protection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to detect threats and remove them before they wreak havoc across the network.
  2. More effective, consistent protection with customer-specific security protocols that streamline vulnerability patching and remove system infections with solutions that are compatible across virtual networks and hardware.
  3. More productive, in-house IT department — By removing the burden of managing complex cybersecurity activities on top day-to-day IT, a managed security provider frees small business IT teams to devote more time to strategic technology initiatives and supporting employees.
  4. Cost savings — Adding another services vendor to a business’s expenses may initially feel like a burden, but the savings incurred from preventing a security breach or malware attack are huge. Not to mention that a managed security provider has the expertise to align your cybersecurity solution with your business needs and budget.

Solutions In Sight

Of course, not all managed security providers are equal, and as an SMB, you need to be selective about working with a vendor that offers best-in-class technology and expertise.

SpartanTec, Inc. is a managed security service provider.  We help companies of all sizes maintain all or parts of their network security infrastructure.  We would love to talk with you about our services and see if there is a fit for us to partner together.  Still want to think about it?  Feel free to download this report, "WHAT EVERY BUSINESS MUST KNOW ABOUT PROTECTING AND PRESERVING THEIR COMPANY’S CRITICAL DATA AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS".


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let our team of IT experts set up the most effective cybersecurity strategy to protect your company's network, computer systems, and data.


SpartanTec, Inc.
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