cybersecurityDo You Know For Sure Your Company Data Is Not On The Dark Web?

Many small business continue to say that cyber attacks will never happen to them because they firmly believe that hackers and cybercriminals only target big institutions like banks, government, and retail conglomerates. Large profile cyberattacks of Equifax, Target, Sony, and Yahoo seem to support such a conclusion. However, in most cases, the news rarely cover the daily and mundane threats faced by small businesses and even regular individuals. With the rising number of cybercrime these days, now is the best time to be worried about cybersecurity.

It’s safe to assume that most small businesses don’t have a robust cybersecurity measures set in place to protect them from online threats. In case they have an in-house IT department, it’s possible that the only thing they do is put a password on their wireless network and secure their server rooms physically. Building firewalls and encrypting stored data are most likely beyond their scope and capabilities.



Even though this could be attributed to the lack of capital, not knowing the risks is also a factor. Small businesses may also believe that they do not have the assets to pique the interest of a cybercriminal. But you need to remember that even a petty cybercriminal with one system and basic programs can break a password in just a few minutes.

Importance of Cybersecurity

Unsecured networks also pose bigger threat. Many cybercrimes nowadays is nearly totally automated too and a hacker can create a system that targets unsecured or lightly secured networks while he is asleep.

With the increasing number of ransomware, the vital data of a small business could be encrypted and ransomed for a modest fee. This malware could enter the intranet of a company in different ways however, the most common is through phishing attacks, where a cybercriminal sends a malware via a benign email.

An untrained employee who isn’t concerned about computer security may click on the link and download a malicious file without any idea that he or she had just given access to a cybercriminal to the company’s sensitive information.

Although most companies use cloud storage, files that are saved locally could be threatened. Ransomware has caused bigger firms millions even if they have already invested on cybersecurity heavily. Leaving cybersecurity out of your business plan is just like leaving your car door open in the middle of the city.

There are several ways cybercriminals can attack the network of your small business. They could pose as an employee who would try to get access, hack your Wi-Fi network, or open up a backdoor into your small business network through a malware that’s introduced via a phishing program. There are hackers who operate a small business with employees whose job is to make money through cybercrimes.

Even a small company like yours can do something to protect business against this kind of attacks. There are a many cybersecurity consulting companies like SpartanTec,Inc. that can help set up security measures to secure your small business.


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