data securityIf you are a business, your clients trust you with their information and they expect that you keep it confidential. An data security breach could let out details that could damage the reputation, finances, and business of your clients. It will not just end your business relationship but also discourage other potential customers from doing business with you.

With the amount of data being stored digitally these days, most companies tend to concentrate their security efforts on preventing a security breach. However, it’s sad to say that the biggest security risk comes from inside your company and not from the outside. They may come in the form of your employees or former and current partners.

Prevent Data Security Breach Crisis

Among the best ways to stop data breach once one of your employees or perhaps a contractor leaves your company is not to give them access to your data, to begin with. You should only provide your staff with access to the information that they need to do their job. Sure, you will still have some worries if someone high up in the chain leaves, it will be easier to get the data back from just a few former employees than from everybody at your company.


Only Use Devices and Systems In The Office

Thanks to today’s technology, there are different ways to access information. But you need to be strict when it comes to the devices and systems being used within your company. Your employees should never be allowed to use their personal emails. This may seem like an obvious rule but many companies fail to impose it. By letting your staff know that work email should be used when working means you will get to control worker’s access to what they send and receive throughout their workday. It will also make removing your employees from your information database a lot easier.

If you have enough budget, you can provide your employees with mobile devices that the firm owns. This can lessen the issues with them saving sensitive information on their personal phone. Then, once they leave, you can just take back the phone, and all the data it contains. It will also be easier to set up security measures on the devices that your company owns. This makes it easier for you to locate them or delete the data if needed.

Use The Cloud

Another effective method of gaining more control over your company’s data is securing data recovery services and cloud solutions. You can keep all the client and company information on the cloud and update the passwords constantly to ensure that only authorized persons have access. Cloud servers are generally offsite and have a high-security level that many firms won’t be able to afford on their own. Additionally, a team of IT experts will monitor the encrypted cloud services. They will inspect it and identify if there is any malicious traffic. Lastly, there is a range of software solutions available that will make it a lot easier for you to know who has access to what to get rid of those permissions once employees leave your firm.

Come Up With A Plan

If your company prioritizes cybersecurity, it will be easier to determine an information security breach Columbia and deal with it right away.

You should educate your staff on how to secure your information. They should also know if they have fallen victims of stolen information. This can be done through phishing drills, educational videos, and workshops.

Check your security policies with every client and regularly communicate when or if you might have to share certain details. Always monitor who has or who has shared confidential data regarding your clients or your company and for what purpose exactly. In case that information is shared later on with a person that’s not authorized, you will know where the breach took place.


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