network securityThe internet lets small businesses of all sizes and location to get access to new and bigger markets. It also provides various opportunities for these companies to work smarter and more efficiently with the use of computer based tools. Whether or not a firm is considering the adoption of cloud computing or just the use of emails and website maintenance, cybersecurity must always be a part of your network security plan. Stolen digital information is now the most commonly reported type of fraud, surpassing the reported number of physical theft.

Each company that uses the internet has a responsibility to create a culture of security that would boost consumer and business confidence.

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Network Security?

Some of the powerful factors that allows small businesses to reach new markets and to improve efficiency and productivity are broadband as well as information technology. But, businesses require a cybersecurity method and the help of an IT consultant Columbia SC to protect their customers, their own business, as well as their data from the ever growing cybersecurity threats.



Train Your Staff About Security Principles

Create basic security policies and practices for your staff, like asking them to create strong passwords. You should also create a guideline on how to use the internet correctly. A guideline that would detail the penalties that would violate the cybersecurity rules of your small business. Create rules of behaviour that will describe how to take care and protect customer data and other important information.

Protect Network, Computers, and Data From Cyber Attacks

Be sure to keep your machines clean. You need to install the latest security software, operating system, web browser, anti-virus program and more. They are the best defences against online threats like malware and viruses. You should set your anti-virus software to run a thorough scan after every update. Don’t forget to install other important software updates once they are available.

Setup Firewall Security

firewall network security will prevent outsiders from getting access to your private network. You should enable the firewall of your operating system or you can also install one using the free firewall software that’s available online. In case your staff works from home, make sure that their home system has firewall protection.

Come Up With A Device Action Plan

Mobile devices can also pose management and security risks especially if they contain confidential data or could access your network. You should require employees to protect their devices with a strong password, consider data encryption, and install network security to stop criminals from stealing data while the phone is being used in public networks. Don’t forget to report procedures for stolen or lost equipment.

Make Backup Copies of Essential Business Information

You should backup your data on all of your computers on a regular basis. Important information includes electronic spreadsheets, processing documents, financial files, databases, accounts payables/receivables, and human resources files. If possible, it’s better to back up your data automatically or at least every week to keep the copies either in the cloud or offsite.

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