managed it services ColumbiaDo you have information about your employees, vendors, clients, operations, and business that should never be leaked? Do you have information that will be worth a lot to get back if you, for some reason, lost access to it? Ransomware and data breaches are happening more often and companies need an average of 99 days to detect that a data breach has occurred. Can you imagine the damage that a hacker can do in that time frame? That’s why you need managed IT services Columbia.

The security of your business information and systems is important to the integrity of your company operations. Any business, regardless of how big it is, builds up a lot of data logs. Evaluating this data is time consuming and tedious, and difficult. Companies that don’t have a managed service provider or MSP, most likely do this that at all. Business with a few dedicated IT staff most likely don’t have the manpower to go through all these event logs and security data, forget about looking for irregularities.



What can managed IT services Columbia do for your company?

Your managed service provider can work as your company’s IT department or act like as an extension to your company’s internal IT team. Their objective is to offer system, network, support, application, and service. This usually includes security patches and updates. In terms of cybersecurity, many providers of managed IT services offer their clients with a basic anti-virus and firewall. For the past several years, cybersecurity and technology experts have acknowledged that anti-virus and firewall isn’t enough to protect the networks of businesses from cybersecurity threats that continue to evolve. In order to fill this gap, managed IT services providers were created to help.

MSSPs use a lot of tools but the most common ones are the security operations center (SOC) or the security information and event management (SIEM).

SIEM solutions allow cybersecurity professionals to reach a much higher level of oversight and threat detection by accumulating all security data through one umbrella platform. By getting all these data from devices, firewalls, servers, domain controllers, user activity, routers, and switches, you can achieve a holistic analysis of your company’s network system.

Aside from that, the advantages of SIEM solutions go beyond cybersecurity. The data collected by SIEM technology could be utilized to optimize the network configuration and fill the gaps in the efficiency of production, and localize as well as eliminate the data and security threats.

Meanwhile. A security operations center involves dedicated specialists and systems that work together to analyse, detect, respond, report, as well as prevent cybersecurity threats. Apart from that, an SOC could include cryptanalysis, advanced forensic analysis, as well as malware reverse engineering to evaluate the incidents. An important benefit of an SOC is that it offers 24/7 analysis and monitoring.

SOC personnel will monitor your network activity to determine its usage patterns and understand the unique digital environment of your network. This comprehensive understanding means that any irregular behaviour can be determined and remediated before it could cause damage your business, or worse lead to a data breach.


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