cloud servicesTens of millions of people work from home due to the pandemic. Cloud services had been experiencing tremendous growth before that, but growth has skyrocketed since shelter in place orders were issued worldwide by many governments. This has required Columbia SC solutions that are more secure.

Hacking groups have noticed this and are now interested in getting access to Cloud resources. They have stolen login credentials and taken off with sensitive data.

McAfee statistics show that attacks on Cloud services have increased by 630 percent in the period January to April.

Cloud Services: The attacks can be broadly described as follows:

Logins that are not normally used or known to the organization from unusual locations.

Researchers call these “suspicious superhuman” logins. They are defined as multiple login attempts within a short time span from different locations around the globe. One login attempt might be made in South America and another in Asia a few seconds later.

Rajiv Gupta was McAfee’s Senior Vice President for Cloud Security. He had these words to say about McAfee’s findings: “The cloud is at great risk from threat actors. It far outweighs any changes in employee behavior.

There is a simple way for organizations reduce their risk to almost zero. Enable two-factor authentication, and most of these attacks will fail. For the best computer security Columbia SC solutions, get in touch with an IT service provider.

The bottom line is that there are more risks than ever and this won’t change soon. Keep your eyes open, ensure that your employees are aware of the risks, and increase your computer security Columbia SC. Phishing scams are one of the most popular ways to gain login credentials.

SpartanTec, Inc. can help you set up effective computer security solutions and cloud services that will protect your company from today’s most prevalent online threats.

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