firewallAs a business owner in Columbia, SC, you do everything you can to provide valuable services and products to your community. However, cybercriminals can easily destroy your efforts once they get access to your firewall network. They will cause damage that could mean losing significant loss in revenue.

Don’t think that you are unlikely to suffer an attack just because you’re running a small company. The truth is, several small and medium sized businesses are being targeted since their owners make this assumption and don’t invest in managed IT Services Columbia SC.



Fortunately, different managed IT services are offered to protect your business from the most common cyberthreats today. Having said that, it could be hard to determine where you should start. If you are in doubt, a managed firewall network Columbia SC is a perfect solution. It is a security essential that serves as a powerful barrier that will let you monitor all traffic as well as block those that may lead to problems.

Are you still not convinced that a firewall network is an immediate necessity for your local business? Here are some of the benefits you need to know.

Protect against DDoS Attacks

A lot of businessmen know the risks that malware and viruses hold, but they are not prepared to protect their network against DDoS or distributeddenial of service attacks. This particular failure could lead to issues later on, especially when DDoS turns into a common cyberthreat for SMBs.

Cybercriminals will try to crash the websites of businesses during a regular DDoS attack by flooding the servers with fake requests from different sources. This could easily take websites offline, which will lead to long downtime periods, and significant financial losses. Aside from that, you’ll also suffer from reputational damage.

While a firewall network security may not be enough to prevent a DDoS attack , it could provide valuable control of the perimeter, this could be an excellent initial protection source for your vulnerable network.

Blocks From Specific Websites

Even though business firewall network are usually considered as the solution for checking incoming traffic, they could also be utilized for the prevention of specific individuals from gaining access to websites that you want them to avoid. You can also block websites that features explicit content.

Improve Secure Access Using Virtual Private Networks

If you still need to create a virtual private networks for your company, now is the right them to start. Let your team members maintain access to crucial data if they are on the go or at home. It will become a flexible solution when your employees are working remotely or traveling for business reasons.

Obtain Compliance With Digital Security

In some sectors, a strong firewall network is an important component for obtaining compliance with the standards for digital security. IT experts from SpartanTec, Inc. can assist you with that.


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you are looking for managed IT services Columbia SC. We can help set up your firewalls so your company is protected from various cyberattacks.


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