Email Security: How Can Businesses Benefit From Email Encryption

Today, all kinds of business communications are conducted through emails. Employees cannot compromise the economy, reliability, and mobility of their inboxes. From new sales report to contract information, it is imperative that email data stays confidential. One wrong click could expose sensitive company information, make private financial statements public, and reveal confidential negotiations. That is why email encryption is an essential foundation of your company’s security plan.

Advantages of Email Encryption

  1. Avoid or Minimize Business Risks
There are a lot of things at stake if you are running a business these days. Nobody wants to take the risk and send unencrypted emails. Doing so means anyone can access the information that your email contains. So, to avoid or minimize risks, you need to have your emails encrypted.
  1. Protect Sensitive Information
Confidential details such as your social security number, banking account number, and credit card number can be protected through email. If you have an unencrypted email, cybercriminals can easily steal your personal information for their own benefit. Imagine what would happen if all your emails can be read or changed while in transit. All the information your email contains as well as your username and password can be stolen easily. To avoid leaking sensitive data, your business needs email encryption Columbia SC.
  1. Avoid Message Replay Possibilities
By now you’re already aware that the message you’re sending can be changed, but there’s another thing you need to know. Messages can also be resent. You can get an original message first and then receive a fake one that looks exactly like the first authentic message. You may not be able to tell if the email you received has been changed. If the message was just deleted, you won’t know if it was sent or not.
  1. Avoid Identity Theft
If someone gets hold of your username and password, which you’re using to access your email servers, that individual can read your emails and may even send emails on your behalf. This is called identity theft and could be avoided when you use email encryption.
  1. Repudiate Emails That Were Sent
Even if it is easy to create fake email messages, it’s hard to prove that a certain individual sent you an email. This means that even if someone actually sent you a message, he or she can simply deny sending it. This poses serious implications when it comes to using email for contracts, business communications, electronic commerce, and so on.
  1. Unprotected Backup
The messages that you send are kept on SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Servers – the outgoing mail servers. The server disks’ backups include text copies of your messages. These backups could be present for several years. So anybody who can access the backup files can read your emails and may use the details against you even if you think that you have deleted the message.

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