Does Your Small Business Need Cybersecurity?

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Back in 2017, about 61% of small businesses in the U.S. have encountered a cyberattack. This accounts for more than 50% yearly increase in cybersecurity threats on such companies in the country. There are several reason why computer security for business is important. Some of them are financial integrity, privacy, client trust, data integrity, as well as the business’ longevity.

For a business owner, the concept of cybersecurity seems to be complicated. However, you need to have a basic understanding about it because it is considered as a minimum requirement when it comes to running a business these days, especially for those that are maintaining an online presence. However, that doesn’t mean those that don’t are not at risk because they still are.

Threats may include voice and sms phishing, fraudulent emails, in person cybersecurity attacks, or insider cyberattacks. Small businesses like yours may also encounter a reputational attack wherein an entity destroys your reputation or brand by posting negative comments about your company on blog posts, websites, and social media.

There are different kinds of cybersecurity protocols and tools that are available for small businesses, and they’re too many to cover in a single post. Instead, here’s a list of the most common yet effective ideas when it comes to securing your network.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is required for every account you have, whether it’s for your email or insurance account. It uses a 4 digit password or a secondary password that will authenticate the login after entering your username and password. Although several consumers already have an idea about two factor authentication, many government players and banks are turning to multi-factorauthentication or depending on non-sms delivery.


Firewalls come in different types, including those that are meant for mobile devices. A firewall acts as the first or second response for all your incoming traffic, which includes both business and personal related data or voice data. It will defend a device, network, or both against different kinds of cyberattacks.

This may include denial of service, insertion of malicious code, viruses, data stuffing, and even malicious payloads in various kinds of documents. A firewall is more effective if it has been configured onto a certain device or network to the needs of a certain situation. Don’t make the novice mistake of not installing a firewall.

Cyberattacks On Small Businesses

About 50% of all types of cyber intrusion are social engineering attacks. This includes search results, voice phishing, email phishing, social media, as well as link bait. Then there’s what they refer to as reverse social engineering wherein someone gets enough information about your business and use it to convince you that they can fix your problems when they’re actually the perpetrators.

Social engineering attacks can happen in different situations. One type could be directed to the CFO or CEO just like in the “CFO Scam” or the Business Email Compromise Scam. Others could be directed at business websites using fake customers, fake vendors, or fake comments to fill a small business with bad vibe and negative comments.

Cybercriminals can also use LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media for their social engineering attacks. It can be in the form of a person getting in touch with customer support with just the right amount of information for a certain account, to ask for password changes. Although this is directed at a certain client, will still affect your company and could lead to litigation and even loss of business.

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