Computer securityComputer security was once the domain of IT professionals. Many high-profile security breaches have been reported, including those at Target and eBay.

Cybercrime has become a lucrative business. Cybercriminals are now finding ways to steal personal information such as credit card numbers and financial details. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and employ different methods to attack the computer networks of various businesses.

Computer viruses are one of their main weapons. Email isn’t the only method to spread computer viruses. Computer viruses can be spread via USB devices, downloading files from the internet, browsing compromised websites, using file transfer and sharing software, messaging on various social media platforms, and connecting to the corporate network through infected systems. It is possible for a computer virus to spread easily from one computer into another by gaining access to the network in different ways.

There are many ways that a computer virus could spread. There are several methods you can use to protect your network and increase your computer security Columbia SC.

Computer Security Tips

Install Anti-Virus Software

All of your computers should have reputable anti-virus software installed, including servers, laptops, and PCs. Anti-virus software must also be installed on all computers used by employees at home or those who access the network remotely.

Keep your Anti-Virus Software up-to-date

Every day, new computer viruses are being released. It is crucial that businesses protect themselves from these threats by making sure their anti-virus software is current. It is important that companies review the policies to ensure that the internet can be connected to computers with an outdated anti-virus.


Every computer on your network must have a firewall. It is possible for a computer virus to gain access to your network via other methods than email. This is why it is important to block all unwanted traffic. A personal firewall is recommended for those who use computers at home. This will protect the computer from any viruses that may be able to access the company network.

All email traffic should be filtered

Computer viruses must be removed from all incoming and outgoing email. To stop computer viruses, this filter must be placed at the network’s perimeter. Computer viruses are known to use attachments such as.exe,.com and.scr in email messages. All attachments must be blocked from the network.

Educate your employees

Your employees should be aware that they are not allowed to open attachments or click links in emails they don’t expect. They must be cautious when opening attachments or clicking on links, even if they are familiar with the source.

Internet Downloads must be scanned

Before downloading files from the internet, ensure that they have been scanned for computer viruses. To ensure proper scanning, you must scan the entire network’s central point.

Do not run unidentified programs

To ensure that your software is legitimate and properly licensed, you should only use trusted, reputable sources. Reliable suppliers can help reduce the chance of your software being infected with a virus.

Protect your most important data regularly

To ensure that your data is safe in the event of a network infection, make sure you keep regular backups of important files on removable media. Your company can also restore software to a state that is free from virus infection by having backups.

Make an Information Security Policy

To ensure that information security is given the attention it deserves in the company, create and publish an information security plan. This is the first step to secure the data and systems in the company.

Create A Incident Response Plan

It is crucial to know what to do if a virus or other security problem infects your network. This will help you minimize the potential damage they could cause to your clients, suppliers, and your company in general

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