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Intro Firewall Computer Network

A firewall is a network safety device, either hardware or software-based, which monitors all inbound as well as outward bound website traffic and also based upon a defined set of safety and security guidelines it approves, declines or goes down that particular web traffic Accept: allow the web traffic. Deny: block the traffic however reply […]

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Why Is “Shadow IT” Dangerous To Your Business

There’s a certain level of risk every time you use information technology such as internet browsing, apps, or programs. No one wants their secure data to be compromised, however, technology offers a lot of benefits that the risks becomes worth it. So you check certain systems, create protocols, update your software, work with a reliable […]

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Don’t Ever Let Your IT Company Do This To Your Computer Network

Today, when companies need to be lean, nimble and brutally efficient to survive in a competitive marketplace, cutting unnecessary costs is paramount. Unfortunately, it can be easy when you’re on a tight budget to accidentally strip away components of your business that may seem gratuitous but are actually essential to your success like network security. […]

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Managed Security Is Smart Security

Small businesses make up a substantial part of the economic landscape, but more than half report feeling less prepared than large ones to counter security threats. This is a wake up call to small businesses that it’s prime time to consider a managed IT security service option. The security threats that come with technology advances like virtualization […]

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It Is Tax (and Fraud) Time Again. Are You Ready?

Over 150 million households file federal and state tax returns each year. With literally trillions of dollars flowing through the tax ecosystem, this time of year is extremely lucrative for cybercriminals. There are stiff penalties for filing a fraudulent return, to include fines up to $250,000 for an individual, $500,000 for a corporation, and up […]

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