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Do I need a network firewall?

A firewall network Columbia SC is a crucial part of the security system of your company. If you don’t have it, your network will be vulnerable to threats. Firewalls will keep disruptive and destructive forces out and it helps control the network traffic that comes in and out according to the security rules that you […]

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What Is The Purpose of a Firewall Network Columbia SC?

Firewall network Columbia SC is considered as a network security device that checks incoming and outgoing network traffic. It determines whether to block or allow traffic according to a specific set of rules. Firewalls Columbia SC have been the first line of defence when it comes to network security for more than 25 years. They […]

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A Guide To Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup is crucial especially for businesses. Companies realize three things right away when conducting their daily operations: computer systems could crash any time, everyone can make mistakes, and disasters happen when you least expect it. Therefore, you need set data backup and recovery as essential aspects of your business if you want it to […]

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Understanding Disaster Recovery as a Service

Have you ever heard about disaster recovery as a service? If yes, do you know what it is? DRaaS is a cloud computing solution that lets a company back up its information and IT infrastructure into a cloud computing environment that’s owned by a third party group. It offers all of the DR orchestration via […]

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Improve Network Security to Get the Most Out of 5G

Companies across industries continue to follow trends like digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) adoption, improved network security, and remote work to gain better business outcomes and provide better user experiences. But each of these initiatives makes the network perimeter more complex and expansive, especially when considering the extended IT infrastructures they create. Home offices, branches, […]

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Network Security For Small Businesses

The internet lets small businesses of all sizes and location to get access to new and bigger markets. It also provides various opportunities for these companies to work smarter and more efficiently with the use of computer based tools. Whether or not a firm is considering the adoption of cloud computing or just the use […]

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How To Prevent A Data Security Breach

If you are a business, your clients trust you with their information and they expect that you keep it confidential. An data security breach could let out details that could damage the reputation, finances, and business of your clients. It will not just end your business relationship but also discourage other potential customers from doing business with […]

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Guide To Cybersecurity: What is a Firewall Network Security?

Firewall network security is crucial in any business. Many of us know what it needs to get access to a building as a guest. So, you go to the front desk so you can prove your identity and secure authorization to get inside. The office’s gatekeeper is the desk attendant, a firewall network Columbia SC […]

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Cybersecurity?

The rate of cybercrimes has skyrocketed in recent years. Countless businesses have suffered some sort of cybersecurity attacks, and without a comprehensive computer security for business, a lot of these businesses have suffered – either because of reduced customer trust or the actual theft of personal information and money. Understanding Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Columbia SC includes […]

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Colonial Pipeline attack: A 'wake up call' about the threat of ransomware

A relatively unsophisticated ransomware attack that caused a days-long shutdown of America's largest fuel pipeline last week — resulting in gas shortages, spiking prices and consumer panic — is exactly the sort of situation that cybersecurity experts have warned about for years. And it could have been worse, said Nick Merrill, a researcher with the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity at the UC Berkeley School of […]

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