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What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Simply purchasing security tools won’t solve all your security issues. In the event your staff lacks knowledge and expertise in the field of security, they won’t be effective at utilizing tools that you have provided. A customized mix of support and service that combines the advantages of a managed service with in-house IT. That's where co-managed […]

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Cybersecurity: Protecting Against Evolving Ransomware Attack Trends

Ransomware attack trends continue to evolve, and the current iterations are no exception. During the last year, malicious actors have attacked healthcare organizations, medical trials, schools, and shipping agencies. Considering the impact these modern attacks can have on organizations everywhere, no matter the industry, cybersecurity professionals must always be ready to secure their systems, networks, […]

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Why Is Zero Trust A More Effective Security Model?

A zero trust network, also known as the zero trust Architecture, is a model that was created by John Kindervag, back in 2010 when he worked as Forrester Research Inc.’s principal analyst. Now, CISOs, CIOs, as well as other company executives are using zero trust as the technology that support it become mainstream, as the […]

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Why The Zero Trust Approach Works Best For Network Security

Security strategies that are perimeter centric and conventional no longer work as evidenced by the high frequency and continued cyberattacks against companies these days. The failure of the resulting architecture is a consequence not just of the old assumption that everything within a network can be trusted, but also the legacy countermeasures’ inability to offer […]

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Understanding The Basics of Zero Trust Network

The conventional network security model depends on the creation of a secure perimeter or boundary. This will prevent unwanted attackers or visitors from coming in but also assumes that the ones that remain in the boundary are the system’s authorized users. They will be allowed to use the network resources which they have access to […]

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What are Zero Day Threats?

Large cyberattacks have been making the headlines lately such as the Microsoft Exchange server’s Hafnium exploit and SolarWinds Orion Platform’s Sunburst exploit. These attacks originated from zero day threats and have affected organizations in different parts of the world. Zero day refers to both the threat and vulnerability. The latter refers to a security flaw […]

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What is a Zero Day Exploit?

The term “Zero-Day” refers to the exploit or vulnerability that are used by cybercriminals to attack systems. These computer security threats are very dangerous since only the attackers know they exist. A Zero day exploit may be unnoticeable for years and are offered in the black market for a large amount.   Such exploits are […]

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A Look At Managed IT Services Today

We are currently living in a hybrid world. There are customers who spend a lot of cash on advanced internal infrastructures and managed IT services. Network Access Controls, Printer, and File as well as legacy applications still reside in several offices and have much better features and controls compared to their cloud counterparts. Although many […]

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Intro Firewall Computer Network

A firewall is a network safety device, either hardware or software-based, which monitors all inbound as well as outward bound website traffic and also based upon a defined set of safety and security guidelines it approves, declines or goes down that particular web traffic Accept: allow the web traffic. Deny: block the traffic however reply […]

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Why Is “Shadow IT” Dangerous To Your Business

There’s a certain level of risk every time you use information technology such as internet browsing, apps, or programs. No one wants their secure data to be compromised, however, technology offers a lot of benefits that the risks becomes worth it. So you check certain systems, create protocols, update your software, work with a reliable […]

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