cybersecurityWhat are cybersecurity services? Why does my company need them?

The digital landscape of today is filled with threats. These include phishing and targeted attacks. They are being deployed by more sophisticated bad actors.

Every business must have a range of IT services Columbia SC and solutions to mitigate cyber risk. Experts who can deploy them will help you protect your data as well as your employees.

Your business should focus on three areas of Cybersecurity: assessment, protection and remediation. Working with certified and experienced professionals to work with your staff and executive teams will allow you to effectively establish and maintain complete digital security.

Learn how to identify the threats that you face in today’s digital world and how you can protect yourself from them.

What is a complete Cybersecurity Program?

A comprehensive Cybersecurity Columbia SC program encompasses people, processes, as well as technologies. SpartanTec’s Cybersecurity Programs are tailored to meet your company’s needs based on assessments by our certified IT professionals.

SpartanTec, Inc., Columbia, uses a multilayered approach to create and maintain a 24/7 safety net for its clients. Your Cybersecurity program could include everything you need, from training staff in security awareness to monitoring and managing cyber threats, as well as ongoing threat hunting, monitoring, management, endpoint protection, and any additional defenses against them.

Who has the need for Cybersecurity services

The short answer is: No one. The short answer is: You do.

Cybercrime losses will reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, according to estimates. How much impact would one data loss, even a fraction, have on your company?

No organization, regardless of its size, can afford to have a breach. Compliance regulations are mandatory for many companies. They require extra protection to protect data and prevent data loss.

How can you stop security threats becoming security incidents?

SpartanTec, Inc.’s Managed Detection and Response services (MDR), are the most cost-effective and efficient way to resolve your most urgent cybersecurity issues. Without a team of cybersecurity experts, it’s unlikely that you can act on any actionable information that your automated defenses reveal. This means that your response will not be sufficient and your company will suffer.


Cybercrime is on the rise. However, the number of vulnerable targets has increased due to factors such as a dispersed workforce, and the proliferation endpoints like handheld devices. These are dangerous times.

Our MDR services will provide 24/7 monitoring of your network by a team of cybersecurity professionals in your area. Our incident response team is trained to respond quickly to a cyberattack and can offer immediate protection to protect your most valuable assets.

What can you do to ensure that your data is secure regardless of where your employees work?

Today’s business realities mean that many companies employ remote workers who use multiple devices. Protecting your data and information is essential, regardless of whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, phone, or other mobile device.

Endpoint Protection as a Service uses AI to monitor threats and deliver reliable security information, reducing response times and continuous threat monitoring. EPaaS includes events from all your endpoints. This allows you to identify suspicious activity and take action immediately.

Your employees will have the ability to use devices that help them maintain productivity without becoming cyberattack targets.

How can Cybersecurity Awareness Training benefit your employees?

Your employees are the weakest link within any firewall network security that surrounds your IT systems. Many employees aren’t aware of cybersecurity and the possible consequences of their actions.

Cyberattacks today focus on exploiting this ignorance, tricking users into opening insecure attachments or clicking subtly maligning links.

Your workers will be able to recognize and avoid cyber threats, and they will understand the importance of cyber security awareness training to their cyber defense. Cybersecurity Awareness Training fulfills certain industry compliance regulations.

SpartanTec, Inc. offers a complete Cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), training solution. This training will provide your employees the tools they need to defend against the attacks on IT systems that exploit human weaknesses.

Your most valuable asset is your employees. They are also your greatest vulnerability. The right training can help you protect your employees and prepare your company for any eventuality.

You can start the new year knowing that your data is safe. SpartanTec, Inc. can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your network. Contact us now for more details.

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