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Managed Firewalls

What is a firewall? It is a software or hardware based network security device that monitors all of the incoming as well as outgoing traffic. According to a specified set of security regulations, it will accept, deny, or drop that certain...
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Managed IT Services

The process of replacing or updating business management functions with the help of a third party professional or company is called managed IT services. Over the past decade, managed IT services Columbia SC have expanded...
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IT Support

In today’s digital world, your business needs to keep up. Even if you are running a non-tech business, you still need IT or information technology. However, without a computer engineering degree, things could...
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Disaster Recovery

Knowing the basics of backup and disaster recovery is important when it comes to minimizing the effects of unexpected downtime on your company. Across different industries, companies know that downtime could...
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SpartanTec, Inc.  Columbia SC serves small and medium businesses in North and South Carolina with Managed IT services and IT support. Now is not the time to question if your business is safe from outside attack.

We augment IT teams, or serve as the IT team,

SpartanTec, Inc. offers timely resolution and Best in Class service.

Call us today – (803) 408-7166 – for an in-depth analysis of your business.

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